30 October 2010

What All Humans Seek

So this summer on my days off I'd drive down to my grandmother's and we chill out. Amidst our conversations, it became quite clear to me what all people seek in this world, really whether they realize it or not.

All people just want to be loved and respected. Love and respect can be interpreted in many ways. We do things that we don't even realize but we want to be treated with respect and cared about by others.

My grandmother brought up the issue: well what about the homeless drunk on the sidewalk? and treating him differently than others. I stressed the point that we are all human and deserve the basic decency of respect. We can't judge people fairly or correctly. Our mind uses stereotypes to quickly categorize people based on primitive characteristics. It would take hours to figure out someone. Despite the fact many people seem to fall directly into stereotypes just means they exhibit more characteristics of group of people.

Think about it, prostitutes don't necessarily whore themselves out because of enjoyment. In a strange convoluted way, by earning the money they can afford the necessities of life to feel respectable. Humans go all their life looking to be loved. Family, friends, lovers, compliments from a passing stranger, teams, there are endless possibilities.

I guess what I'm itching to say is: don't judge, you don't know people's past and what makes them who they are. Respect others and give them the time of day. We all need to be loved. So the next time you walk by someone on the sidewalk give them a smile. Let someone over in front of you, you never know what these small acts might mean to someone's day. They may have been just on their way to end their life.....