31 March 2010

Into the Night

The cool night air weaves through my blinds in the dark. The distant sound of the spring peepers, calling to one another, is heard. Calling for a lover. The full white moon slowly slides across the sky. The thin sheer curtains flutter in the breeze. This breeze carries a message. It is filled with flowers, birth and the warmth ahead. I lay nestled in my nest of cotton sheets and a duvet. I hear spring, only a quiet whisper now. A mother bird lets out an alarmed chirp. The sound of silent wings passes in the night. Perhaps she is looking for a worm? I know where the worms hide, underneath my flower pots. Downstairs, I know my four little hermit crabs are dancing. Dancing in the warm humidity of their habitat. They know spring is coming. In the dark they whisper of the change of tides and flowing sands. It is only a matter of time until the orchestra of spring begins....

30 March 2010

Bouncing Along the Bumpy Trail

So I've been doing a little maintenance on my dreadlocks and wow! A little bit of sewing can make a huge difference. I have a jumbo needle I used to use for plastic canvas. The eye is large enough to fit quite a few hairs through it. I thread it with the loose hair and sew it into the proper dread. Amazing. I finished it off with some diluted lemon and salt water juice. I blunted some of the ends too. I only have 4 wispy ends. Now if those loops would just go away....

Yeah my dinner last night consisted of curly fries. Totally not healthy at all. But what would I have eatten with them? pasta? rice? masted potatoes? So that was that.

Mr. B went to bed very early last night. I got up very grumpy and dried out this morning. I never sleep with air blown heat on. It does a real number on me- dries out me lips, sore throat, dry nose, toss and turn all night. Ever since I was a kid I just closed the vent at night. That is why I was grumpy.

Looks like tomorrow I'll be feasting with my friend at the Brewery downtown. YAY! We were trying to go ziplining but it doesn't fit in with our schedules. Maybe later....

Last night I sewed this awesome/hilarious looking sleeping hat. Its made of blue satin and could easily be mistaken for a chef or baker's hat. I made it because I was so tired of lint in my hair. This way the satin is light, lintless, and smooth. My loopy locks can slide all over each other! I also sewed a pretty scrunchy for my hair too.

Mr. b told me he'd make dinner. I wonder what is in store. We desperately need to go food shopping. Literally have no fruits or vegetables.

Well that is all.

26 March 2010

What are we reduced to eating dinner out of ?


24 March 2010

Right In Your Loopy Face

So here I sit sniveling about how my dreads are no where near as pretty as the ones from compunction.org or G_U_D_U. They are in such desperate need of some maintenace. I've read both sides of the coin, maintain or don't touch them. But the not touching them is just making them icky. Loose hairs everywhere, loops out the asshole, etc. No they're not gross, I wash them every week sometimes more. But aesthetically they are seriously lacking. I really don't know how to maintain them. I've tried dreadballing, palm rubbing, clockwise root rubbing, some crochet hook and they still look like ca-ca. Ok, given that maintainance I mentioned was months ago. But I'm all in this on my own. I have no dreadie homies, my fiance is dread-inexperienced and no one around town to help. wahh!!! (pulls self together) I'm getting married soon and I don't want to look like a freak. I want them to look lovely and surprising. This weekend I am going to try my hand again and fixing them up. Its just the back is so difficult to see and do. I'm seriously considering consulting and flying Lish out here to help me fight this loose loopy battle.

On a brighter note: I'd like to share the joy of an old lady. Yesterday at the mall (where I work P/T) an old lady and her elderly daughter rolled up. No seriously, the mother was in a wheelchair. She kindly asked me how did I get my hair like that. I explained in basic terms how to created dreads. She clapped her hands and laughed when I told her I don't brush my hair anymore. Her daughter and she asked do I wash or how do I wash it? I explained basically its the scalp that gets all the soil so that's what I focus on. They were both amazed and looked thrilled. hahah! I was pretty happy after that. I'm so used to rude stares. This was a pleasant change.

23 March 2010

A Random Day

Our compost is slowly, and I mean slowly, breaking down. I can't wait to use it on the new vegetable we're going to plant. Still need to start up some tomato seeds...hmmm... I wonder if those squash I threw into the forest will ever break down. They were almost like cement bricks.

I ate this vegetarian thing yesterday. I don't think I could go vegetarian. I love fruits and vegetable but...something about the lack of chicken, fish or hamburgers. I couldn't handle it. So I'll continue to live my borderline vegetarian life.

A few days ago I entered the phish ticket request. It was so confusing, but anyways, I requested two tickets in June. Hopefully I'll get them. Poor mr. b lost his beloved Phish shirt from the Fall tour. We'll just have to get him another!

So the spring semester starts to come to an end. Its almost been a year since I've graduated. Its really weird and kind of sad. I miss so much about college. I still despise the tests, papers and school work and certain teachers. But now I must focus on other things like work, laundry and juicy tv and mr. b of course! I've basically morphed into an old person. Early to bed, low alcohol tolerance, no time. bleh. despise. I suppose life has its ups and downs. I barely go on Facebook anymore.

I guess I'm just a little out of sorts. I've been kind of off for a little bit. I'm sure things will pick up and the sun will finally come out. No seriously, the clouds have been pretty annoying. I miss seeing the sun.

22 March 2010

How Do I love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways...

I love you in the morning when you open your sleepy little turtle eyes
I love you in daytime when you chirp at me downstairs and I chirp back
I love your ridiculous songs in the morning, right when you wake up
I love your furry hair
I love when I sneeze you say bless you beautiful
I love how you cook me dinner more often than not
I love your unselfish nature
I love your smile and laughter
I love the music you create
I love how we share things together
I love how you care about me
I love how you're willing to try new things
I love your smell
I love your sexiness
Most of all I love how you love me

Another Day in the Life

This weekend capt. b and I looked at some sitars online. I was pretty excited. So it looks like he's going to buy one sometime. We had some friends over on Saturday night. Cooked out (made my first burger! haha), smoked hookah, played old video game and had a good time. Unfortunately, I feel asleep during the old skool video games. Cut me some slack, it was midnight.

Went food shopping. Buying things in bulk is nice because it means I can be lazy and not go shopping quite as much.

...and now for my list of observations...
smoothies: most flexible beverage ever! love it and make it for breakfast everyday

bad girls club: excellent. the drama is just over the top

gardein thai trio: surprisingly good. expected much worse.

the weather: one day its 70 degrees the next its snowing. is anyone else confused?

earthfare: mmmm....I think of you often. need to pick up mr. b's easter gifts from there

sushi: oh gosh i'm in love with you. convinced i have an addiction

eating healthy: doing pretty good. sometimes I fall flat. trying my best though.

college: glad i'm done with that. kind of my all my friends and the good old days

wedding: coming up soon. can't wait-very excited to be wife!

nose piercing: love it! best $28 spent. coming up on 2 months of having it

dreadlocks: you're coming along well. inspiring others to dread theirs :)

....more to follow soon....