11 January 2012

Magola's Presidential Platform part I

Disclaimer: This cannot be completed in 4 year, maybe 8 years but unlikely. This is my political stance as if I were running for presidency. Some of my stances are brash and pragmatic. I'm tired of high up officials rolling Benjamins telling me what's what.

Education: The future generation will lead our country but if they are under –educated and unarmed with basic common sense; there is no hope. Teachers are the foundation of every career, path of life, and profession. If we devalue them, we are doing a disservice to our kids. Every American deserves an education and must complete 12 years of school. Not every student is college bound and it is wrong to project so. Many people are destined to be skilled workers- electricians, plumbers, etc. We need these people and there is no shame. We must to provide this option and training. Vocational school, technical training, and domestic training as well as college education shall be available to all despite financial income, background or status.

- Arts in schools: Every person is unique and brain does not work the same as the other. Cutting arts and music in schools is doing a complete disservice the culturally inclined students. Art and music is very much a part of our daily life. It is wrong to remove it from schools.
College’s Sports Programs: College sports will cease to be part of said college. One exception: 50% of the earned income from the sports program must go directly back to the represented school for education. College sports that don’t adhere to this rule, will be severed from the school. It is an untrue representation of the school since they do not receive a fair reimbursement for the team to carry their logo. As a result the players/sportsmen will receive compensation for their workmanship.
Driver’s License vs. Public Transport: Driver’s licenses are handed out willy nilly irresponsibility. IQ exams shall be given before individuals are able to receive d.l. People who cannot make rational, intelligent decisions should not be operating multi-ton vehicles capability of killing people. Mandatory car and safety inspections will be required. Because so many will be unable to drive themselves legally, public transportation will become absolutely necessary. Classy buses, electromagnetic trains, and other energy efficient options will be immediately put into place. The stigma of public transportation should be removed. Mercedes bus like in Germany that include wireless fidelity (wifi), vending machine, wall chargers, etc. Buses will no longer only be for bums. Starting 2015, the IQ test will be in place. This will give a 3 year head start and jobs.
Ending Urban Sprawl: Much of our problems are driving and traffic. Public transportation will allievate rush hour traffic. Additionally, efforts to create self sufficient village-esque neighborhoods will be put in. A medium size village will provide a couple food stores, hydrogen/ electric recharging/refueling stations, retail locations, office buildings. These would all be situated to make it possible to walk or bike to work or telecommute. These neighborhoods will have built in parks and greens. As a result the property value would be higher. If venturing out to visit family or other villages is necessary, the classy public transportation would be at your beck and call and entirely efficient.
Fuels: Starting 2020, the usage of oil is done. Things will no longer be made of plastic, nor will we using gasoline. There will be a trade in program for petrol run cars. Alternative energy runned cars will available. Gasoline engines are around 15% efficient whereby most is lost thru heat. Think of the conflict created because of this non-renewable resource. The wars waged and lives lost over an evanescent fuel. Completely moronical. Cutting off this usage will alleviate our servitude to the middle east. Let them fall to their disrepair, we will not support the blood thirsty oil lords of the middle east. As a result our country will save money and profit. The gasoline will no longer be a monopoly, many energy options will be available for the public. Fuel efficiency will be no less than 60 miles per gallon (mpg for figurative speaking). Less people driving, no co2 being released into the air will help the air pollution issues.
Fair Wages: Because of the large infrastructure changes, more jobs will be created. Offshoring and outsourcing will be nearly unacceptable or allowable. If we want our country to remain strong, we must provide jobs for our citizens not for foreign companies. I deal with people who are severely below the poverty level. I am amazed they can even survive. People are unfairly paid in today’s work force. With proper education or skill training, citizens will be able to be participating people. A country full of well-educated is a strong working country.
- Health care is about compassion and healing. Doctor’s salaries a way over-inflated. The government will still fund health research but it will not be going into doctor’s pockets. They entered this field to heal the sick and lessen the suffering, not to drive Bentleys. The pay should be nearly volunteer pay. The true gain is the success and accomplishment of healing one. Taking advantage of the sick and suffering is criminal.
- Police: A large majority of this field is highly correct. Too much power is given the wrong people. Trouble is-they are underpaid for the situations they deal with. Police set the example. Police shall be arrested and cited for not following the rules of the road. The police corruption will be dealt with and they will be ejected from the force.
- Politicians, Washington D.C officials. It is not hard task to sit in a chair and discuss matters of the country. Like doctors, if the true feelings for improving the country are there, the pay should like any other middle income wage earner. It is unfair to pay these people more because they sit in designer suits making decisions. Volunteers seek to improve their surrounding for no pay. Why shouldn’t they be held to the same standard?
Health insurance: A country that seeks to succeed should protect its citizens, from intruders, and sickness. A country that provides health care for all seeks to protect. Exclusions are intentional failure to follow rules, deviance, and recklessness (there will be costs because of that). A strong, contiguous health care system that provides the highest quality standardized throughout only makes sense. A sick, and dying country does not survive for long.
- Health insurance also provide 100% covered sterilization for any individual. Each individual who partakes will receive $1000.00 cash benefit. This will eliminate an excess population of “cash cow children” (see child support) and reduction of accidental pregnancies by the unfit.
- Birth Control will be available for all. The cost will be no more than $25 per month. It is not the country’s prerogative to make birth control a matter of religious conscience. Family planning/ counseling must be made available in all communities. In addition, schools must include classes on sexually transmitted disease awareness and action repercussions.
Disability: For the most part, the wrong people are receiving this governmental income. Disability will only be available for the extreme, 100% provable, recorded diseases or ailments. Riding the governmental train will no longer be an option. Since health care will be standardized and available to all, we should have more functioning citizens who are capable of working and earning a fair wage.
Child support: This, too, is an very abused system. People are now procreating for the sake of money. Essentially, using progeny as a type of “cash cow”. This will no longer be tolerated or accepted. Child support will disband and no longer be continued.
Taxes: Taxes will be an even 10% across the board for everything except necessities. Those are classified as food, clothing, and shelter. The annual tax filing will be simplified by such taxation method. This will eliminate the government’s current practice of taking your money and putting it into a high interest, high risk savings account. As a result, people will be fairly taxed throughout the year. There will be no write off, loop holes, or exceptions. Additionally, this will solve the fact only about 40% of the population pays taxes currently.
Schedule and Prescriptive Drugs: Take away the taboo and forbidden allure and one is left with nothing special. No drugs will illegalized. What one chooses to do with their free time is their prerogative. If it ends in threatening one’s life, resources or sexual orientation, then the individual must be arrested. When the thrill factor is removed, the deviants will get less of a rush from being “daring” or “edgy”. The bottom line- If you can go home enjoy a couple beers, a few joints, what have you and wake up, be at work promptly the next day, put in an acceptable day’s work-fine. This society will not pander to those who cannot control themselves. However, our tax dollars will no longer support the fabricated “war on drugs”. These drugs will also be taxed an even 10%.
Lower drinking age: In the same train of thought, if you can die for your country, get married, etc. you should be allowed to enjoy an adult beverage. Lowering the drinking age will eliminate the glamorous allure of becoming 21. Learned control will start in childhood and carry thru into adulthood. Similar to France’s alcohol rules.
No wars: Our country will not engage, entice or entertain the idea of entering into war. The cost on the country in lives and dollars is not feasible. We have done enough damage to our economy supporting pointless, endless wars. This will no longer be tolerated. We will build strong internal defense for protection. But we will not longer intervene into other country’s affairs. It is not our place or call. A strong defense will protect the assets and technology we’ve created.
Guns: The most gun crimes are predominantly in the states that embrace carrying arms. There will gun lockers in all major cities. Guns will be registered, labeled and checked (when not in use). Each gun will have a specific bullet that is branded in some sort of identification of its owner. Guns do not solve problems but only increase and escalate a situation.