24 February 2014

Recipes XXI: Tofu Yogurt

Does dairy have your gut in a bunch? Too much mucus muck? I know the feeling. To ease my lenten vegan challenge, I'm introducing vegan foods into my diet. I have been fighting to make non-dairy yogurt. Its freaking tough. I follow recipes and end up with a great big pile of fail. I believe I've found something that works. Sorry in advance if you're not on the soy train; this one is not for you.

Tofu Yogurt

1 high powered blender
1 banana
2 tubs of silken organic tofu (ie: nasoya)
half pint organic strawberries
7 vegetarian probiotic tablets
4 oz of non dairy sweetened milk
1/3 cup raw sugar
vanilla extract
Jam(if desired)

In the blender, add: tofu, fruit, sugar, and extract. Blend well until smooth. Pound the probiotic tablets into a fine dust. Microwave the 4 oz of sweeten non dairy milk until temperature reaches 115 degrees F. Dissolve the probiotic dust to the warmed milk. Then pour it into the blender and blend again. Blam-o! Yogurt with probiotics.