30 October 2014

New Fermentation Adventure

I was talking with a friend recently about all the wild and crazy fermented foods I have made. She was intrigued by what encouraged my  craziness  creativity. She asked if blogs or articles inspired me or if I just struck out on my own. I pondered the question for a moment and realized it was the latter. I get "hair brain" ideas about things I want to eat or replicate and I just go with it. 

So here you have it-my next adventure:

An Ale Pale for Fermenting
1 Step and Star San: Two great bucket clearners
I was celebrating our fourth anniversary with my husband recently. We ordered a bottle of nigorizake to go with our love boat platter. It hit me! I have to make sake. The nigorizake was floral and sweet. I was in love with sake...and my husband, of course. He was incredibly supportive of the idea. He is a seasoned homebrewer, so he had the equipment I would need. 

The following entries will be a road map of my sake brewing experience. This is no sourdough bread culture or kombucha. This is a 45 day adventure with a bunch of steamed rice, cool water, koji (glorified mold) and sake #9 yeast.

Tonight, I have to soak 1.5 cups of rice and start .5 cup of koji liquid to sit overnight in the fridge. This is the moto or the mash. The moto creates the moromi which is a nine day process. I will be using Nishiki sushi rice and Cold Mountain Koji.

First addition of rice steaming away