09 July 2012

Who's Pyramid is Properly Built?

Below are some different food pyramids I've been inspecting. 

The Vegan Pyramid

The Vegetarian Pyramid

The Standard American Pyramid

The Canadian Pyramid

The Mediterranean Pyramid

I' m personally a fan of the Canadian one. I do like how they specify for gender and age. Less focus is put on meat and dairy which I appreciate. I feel the US food chart caters to the Meat and Dairy industries a little too much. More and more studies are showing that red meat leads to an array of cancers and ailments. 

This website has all of Europe's Food pyramids. http://www.eufic.org/article/en/expid/food-based-dietary-guidelines-in-europe/ They're all basically the same except for some minor differences.

The Mediterranean food guide I appreciated the emphasis on olive oil and vino. I think physical activity and water are clutch to any diet or lifestyle. I'm pretty annoyed at how they changed the American one from a nice solid compartmentalized pyramid to this weird sliver thing.