21 July 2014

Recipes XXV: Weeknight Soup

I was feeling under the weather this week and needed a pick me up of sorts. Chicken noodle soup is not vegetarian, so that wasn't happening. I rustled around in the cabinets. I literally whipped this up in a few minutes. It made for a perfect evening with a steady downpour of rain and snuggly blanket.

Weeknight Soup

2 servings | ~170 calories per serving

4 cups of water
5 oz mixed frozen Cascadian Farms veggies
Small handful of rice noodles
2 vegan not chick'n bouillon cubes such as Edward & Sons
Splash of olive oil
Fresh chopped rosemary
Dusting of poultry seasoning
2  crush cloves of garlic

Mix everything into a pot and boil for 10 minutes or until the pasta is al dente. Serve piping hot with some garlic bread or a baked potato.