21 November 2014

Fermentation: 3 Weeks

Yesterday there was a mild fiasco with my ale pale. The spout decide it would be good to start leaking the precious sake on the floor. Much to my dismay and my dog's glee. With the help of my spouse, we transferred the ~3 gallons of sake mash into a big mouth bubbler. I sampled some of the brew and it is fabulous tasting. Sweet, alcoholic, floral, yeasty. I moved the bottle to attic. My thoughts being the outdoor temps are around 30-40 degrees and ambient building temperature ~65 degrees. I figure that should be somewhere around 50 degrees.

The bottle will sit for roughly three weeks, undisturbed. On December 9th, I will start Yodan. Because I am unrealistically ambitious, I am planning on starting another batch on Thanksgiving weekend.
I took this picture as fast as I could !
It's cold!