17 November 2014

Nakazoe: Sake

Nakazoe began this morning with the addition of more koji (aspergillus covered rice). When I arrived home, I began steaming the 6 cups of rice for the moto and the 2nd addition-Nakazoe. If you think 6 cups is a lot, just wait until Wednesday. I will be steaming 5 pounds of rice! 

When I cracked the lid this evening to add the steamed rice and water, the moto was happily bubbling and emitting pleasant odors. The rice in the moto has maintained its shape. I wondered if it would melt down into a goo. The smells are still yeasty, fruity, and sweet. I tasted it again, not something ready to be drunk yet. 

After Wednesday, Tomezoe, fermentation will commence for 2 weeks. The final step is Yodan. You will have to wait and see what happens in Yodan. 

Fun side note: my loving spouse returned from a trip to Maine and stopped in New Hampshire along the way. He acquired many bottles of different sakes for my drinking pleasure. I was so pleased. I sampled an aged, blended nigorizake. Blended sakes typically have fruits like plums or lychee added into the final product. I love the beautiful unfermented rice solids (Lees) suspended in this unique beverage. I'm starting to get really excited about the future prospects of this fermentation.