22 March 2010

Another Day in the Life

This weekend capt. b and I looked at some sitars online. I was pretty excited. So it looks like he's going to buy one sometime. We had some friends over on Saturday night. Cooked out (made my first burger! haha), smoked hookah, played old video game and had a good time. Unfortunately, I feel asleep during the old skool video games. Cut me some slack, it was midnight.

Went food shopping. Buying things in bulk is nice because it means I can be lazy and not go shopping quite as much.

...and now for my list of observations...
smoothies: most flexible beverage ever! love it and make it for breakfast everyday

bad girls club: excellent. the drama is just over the top

gardein thai trio: surprisingly good. expected much worse.

the weather: one day its 70 degrees the next its snowing. is anyone else confused?

earthfare: mmmm....I think of you often. need to pick up mr. b's easter gifts from there

sushi: oh gosh i'm in love with you. convinced i have an addiction

eating healthy: doing pretty good. sometimes I fall flat. trying my best though.

college: glad i'm done with that. kind of my all my friends and the good old days

wedding: coming up soon. can't wait-very excited to be wife!

nose piercing: love it! best $28 spent. coming up on 2 months of having it

dreadlocks: you're coming along well. inspiring others to dread theirs :)

....more to follow soon....