24 March 2010

Right In Your Loopy Face

So here I sit sniveling about how my dreads are no where near as pretty as the ones from compunction.org or G_U_D_U. They are in such desperate need of some maintenace. I've read both sides of the coin, maintain or don't touch them. But the not touching them is just making them icky. Loose hairs everywhere, loops out the asshole, etc. No they're not gross, I wash them every week sometimes more. But aesthetically they are seriously lacking. I really don't know how to maintain them. I've tried dreadballing, palm rubbing, clockwise root rubbing, some crochet hook and they still look like ca-ca. Ok, given that maintainance I mentioned was months ago. But I'm all in this on my own. I have no dreadie homies, my fiance is dread-inexperienced and no one around town to help. wahh!!! (pulls self together) I'm getting married soon and I don't want to look like a freak. I want them to look lovely and surprising. This weekend I am going to try my hand again and fixing them up. Its just the back is so difficult to see and do. I'm seriously considering consulting and flying Lish out here to help me fight this loose loopy battle.

On a brighter note: I'd like to share the joy of an old lady. Yesterday at the mall (where I work P/T) an old lady and her elderly daughter rolled up. No seriously, the mother was in a wheelchair. She kindly asked me how did I get my hair like that. I explained in basic terms how to created dreads. She clapped her hands and laughed when I told her I don't brush my hair anymore. Her daughter and she asked do I wash or how do I wash it? I explained basically its the scalp that gets all the soil so that's what I focus on. They were both amazed and looked thrilled. hahah! I was pretty happy after that. I'm so used to rude stares. This was a pleasant change.