30 March 2010

Bouncing Along the Bumpy Trail

So I've been doing a little maintenance on my dreadlocks and wow! A little bit of sewing can make a huge difference. I have a jumbo needle I used to use for plastic canvas. The eye is large enough to fit quite a few hairs through it. I thread it with the loose hair and sew it into the proper dread. Amazing. I finished it off with some diluted lemon and salt water juice. I blunted some of the ends too. I only have 4 wispy ends. Now if those loops would just go away....

Yeah my dinner last night consisted of curly fries. Totally not healthy at all. But what would I have eatten with them? pasta? rice? masted potatoes? So that was that.

Mr. B went to bed very early last night. I got up very grumpy and dried out this morning. I never sleep with air blown heat on. It does a real number on me- dries out me lips, sore throat, dry nose, toss and turn all night. Ever since I was a kid I just closed the vent at night. That is why I was grumpy.

Looks like tomorrow I'll be feasting with my friend at the Brewery downtown. YAY! We were trying to go ziplining but it doesn't fit in with our schedules. Maybe later....

Last night I sewed this awesome/hilarious looking sleeping hat. Its made of blue satin and could easily be mistaken for a chef or baker's hat. I made it because I was so tired of lint in my hair. This way the satin is light, lintless, and smooth. My loopy locks can slide all over each other! I also sewed a pretty scrunchy for my hair too.

Mr. b told me he'd make dinner. I wonder what is in store. We desperately need to go food shopping. Literally have no fruits or vegetables.

Well that is all.