23 March 2010

A Random Day

Our compost is slowly, and I mean slowly, breaking down. I can't wait to use it on the new vegetable we're going to plant. Still need to start up some tomato seeds...hmmm... I wonder if those squash I threw into the forest will ever break down. They were almost like cement bricks.

I ate this vegetarian thing yesterday. I don't think I could go vegetarian. I love fruits and vegetable but...something about the lack of chicken, fish or hamburgers. I couldn't handle it. So I'll continue to live my borderline vegetarian life.

A few days ago I entered the phish ticket request. It was so confusing, but anyways, I requested two tickets in June. Hopefully I'll get them. Poor mr. b lost his beloved Phish shirt from the Fall tour. We'll just have to get him another!

So the spring semester starts to come to an end. Its almost been a year since I've graduated. Its really weird and kind of sad. I miss so much about college. I still despise the tests, papers and school work and certain teachers. But now I must focus on other things like work, laundry and juicy tv and mr. b of course! I've basically morphed into an old person. Early to bed, low alcohol tolerance, no time. bleh. despise. I suppose life has its ups and downs. I barely go on Facebook anymore.

I guess I'm just a little out of sorts. I've been kind of off for a little bit. I'm sure things will pick up and the sun will finally come out. No seriously, the clouds have been pretty annoying. I miss seeing the sun.