16 April 2010

Blades of Grass

So it seems that the pollen has been attacking everyone pretty badly. Luckily, I'm not allergic, but my nose is working overtime to rid it of pollen. This weekend should be nice and sunny. I'm excited about that. I had really wanted to go hiking or something but I can't seem to get anyone together. Maybe I can convince my lover to go along.

Still need to clean the effing gum out of the dryer. grrrRAR....very angry.

Plan on doing a little bit of cleaning up around the house. Somehow it falls to shambles during the week. Probably play some old skool video games, do a little food shopping, mingle with society, you know-the uze.

I still need to buy an under tank heater for the crabitat. I think they like it alot. I certainly do!

Not too much to say. I'll prolly take a power nap when I get home. Staying up late zaps me. Zzzz