06 April 2010


Now that it has been 88 degrees give or take outside the crabitat's temperature is increasing as well. During the winter it was around 65 in the crabitat. Now it is party time for the crabs. I've let them climb the hill behind our house while I keep a stern eye on them. I keep imagining some large bird is going to swoop down and chomp one of them. I emptied their sand and put new wet sand in there, some large rocks and moved things around. Little do they know they're getting a new sibling soon! I asked my lover for a tiny little hermit crab to add to colony. I set up a nice iso tank for it with coconut fiber and nice sand and a little pool. I can't wait!

I ordered them a bridge to cruise over, choya wood, coconut fiber climbing wall, and more shells. One crab refused to resurface. He's been down there for a long time. If he's molting he a crazy one, doing it twice in a matter of months. I found a nice pin oak leaf today and tossed it in their tank. I hope they'll enjoy munching on it.