28 April 2010

Bodies are Art

I, personally, feel that the human body is a beautiful art form. It is complete with curves and colors, textures and shadows. I was 16 yrs old when I saw a truly lovely nude painting. I had been to museums and such as a kid but none of those nude sculptures or art seemed to really pique my interest.

The picture was set against a light forest green that complimented the fair alabaster skin-tone of the subject. She wasn't thin or fat- rather plump. Her brownish-red locks were pulled back into a messy bun. I asked my friend about the painting and she carelessly wrote it off as, "oh that's my grandmother". From then on, I've always thought how poignent it would be to have a nice leather bound photo album of classy nudes of myself. I would want the prints to have some black and white ones, sepia ones and color ones. Lighting would be a key element.

Its not because I'm creepy or have a strange nudity fetish but I view the human body as beautiful. Too much taboo has been put on the body. Many people are ashamed of their beauty and are not allowed to expose it. Its not right.

I may pursue this hope of mine someday. I think it would be something nice to look back on when I am older.