30 April 2010

My Name is Magola, You Killed My Forest-Prepare to Die!

I'm so tired of dinky zip lock bags. Sure they're great. But taking a lunch includes about 5 or so them each day. bleh! When I worked at the tree place, this girl made a "wrap-n-mat-esque" sandwich holder. It was pretty neat. She could throw it in the washer or dishwasher to clean it. Let's think about it though: sandwich needs a bag, pickles need a bag, carrot stick needs a bag, peeled orange needs a bag, crackers come pre-wrapped and so does luna bar. Pretty soon I'll be arriving in bubble wrap to complete the plastic disaster. So today in honor of ARBOR DAY please reconsider your plastic usage!! Those jelly sandles you're wearing- yeah those too are not so hot for the environment. If you've got any knowledge on how to sew a stitch here's how to make a simple sandwich holder.


If you don't- you can buy a few and use them instead of plastic bags!

Has them for fairly cheap!

Top that off with a reusable canvas carry-all bag and you're packing heat lunch!!