13 April 2010

Some Endings, Some Beginnings

Well today is my last day at Icing. I'm alright with that. Now I'll have my weekends open again where I can do laundry, clean up, hike or kayak. I wasn't getting enough hours (4hrs/week) and I figured earning $1500 a year at one job is pretty unreasonable. Maybe I'll sell some of my handmade earrings online....

I don't know if I've already said this, but I sewed a really cool dress that I wore for easter. I bought the material from Walmart; 5 yards for 5 dollars! It is dark green with black designs. It have a side hidden zipper with a black satin ribbon at empire waist. The same black ribbon is used in the straps to make a cross-back. I love it. It is very flattering. And if Katie hadn't mentioned it looks like size 13, I probably wouldn't have taken it apart and re-evaluated it.

I did the river rescue last weekend with Canoe and Hiking Club. This is our annual service project-and I love it! Picked up loads of trash along the river and filled our canoe with it. The trash barge-hahah! Then we all ate pizza and beer at Barley's afterwards. It was great fun. Really would love to get outdoors more.

The hermies love their new habitat and personally, I'd get in there too if I could. I'll post pictures later. It has a tidal pool, a hammock filled with shells, 2 food bowls, clean water bowl, climbing vines, coco-huts, a climbing wall and lots of sand. I'd be hanging out in the tidal pool all day if I were a crab. The crab violence has decreased luckily. I was getting pretty stressed out about it. Gotta hit the critter barn soon and get some new family members-anybody want to go with me?