19 April 2010

Chemical Elimination in My Life

My goal to go 98.2% chemical free has been achieved! Here are the places I have stopped using mainstream chemicals (be inspired, very inspired!)

FromToVinyl Shower Curtain- Washable cotton shower curtains

Tide laundry detergent- Charlie's Soap (Biodegradable and natural)

Bounce Fabric softener- Ecover Fabric softener

Basic hand soap- Dr. Bronners diluted with water

Cheapie Joy lemon dish soap- Planet Dish soap

Bath and Body works soap- All natural goat's milk or homemade soap

Coco butter lotion- Extra Virgin Organic Coconut oil non-refined

Colgate Toothpaste- Tom's of Maine whole care toothpaste

Dove Deodorant- Kiss My Face Peaceful Patchouli

Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaner- Bon Ami (cost .88!)

Ajax or Scrubbing Bubbles- Bon Ami/ Baking Soda

Lysol Wipes-Ecover Lemon Cleaner diluted with water

Cascade Dishwasher soap- 7th Generation Dishwasher soap

Angel soft poo paper- Marcel 100% Recycled TP

Dove Shampoo- Pure Life Soap Co Rosemary Shampoo

Pond's Face lotion- Burt's Bees Pure Radiance with spf 15

Body Lotion- Pure Life Soap Co. Aloe Vera Lotion

Bleach- Bleach Alternative/ Chlorine Free Bleach

Disinfectant- Vinegar

Perfume- Pacifica Vegan perfume or E.O

Mr. Bubbles Bubble Bath- Epsom salts and essential oils

Listorene Mouthwash- Sea salt & peppermint E.O

It is really not difficult to remove a lot of mainstream toxins. I have been slowly eliminating them over the course of a year. I don't want to be a chemical cesspool anymore. If I can't read the ingredients, I look for something else. Do you know what you're dumping on your skin?