09 April 2010

Luv Me Some Crabs

So I've decided to turn my low key crabitat into a hobby and much larger establishment. I found on craigslist a fifty gallon tank and a ten gallon with a bunch of reptile gear. In total it only cost $50! This was well over $500 of things! I am very excited. The other day my lover bought me a cute little hermit. He named him Colonel Forbin. If you know what that is in reference to- good for you. If not, never mind, you probably will never know. The other crabs had a feely fest with him. They use their little feelers to communicate. The other hermies are coming up on a year of ownership. They can live up to 40 years of age. They are definitely not throw away pets! Their tank is just getting too loaded with things: choya wood, bridge, two pools (salt and pure), 2 coconut halves, 2 large rocks, glo plants and food dishes! Eiy! I've read that when you have more than 6 crabs they create a colony personality. I'm very curious as to how that works.

One dummy crab sat around all day without a shell. I was panicking about this all day. I isolated him for safety. He had molted and probably wanted a bigger shell. Luckily larger shells are coming in the mail. I did coax him into getting in his old shell using the "glass cup method". I was really freaked out that he was going to die.

But needless to say I'm very excited. I'm also very impressed with the set-ups I've seen online. People's crabitats are amazing. I'd like to provide these little crabblets with the best set-up possible. I'm planning on getting a small paint roller tray and make it into a tidal pool. It'll be great.

Oh and by the way: I figured out a way to get that tiny silver nose hoop in last night. I had one nose ring sticking down from the top and was able to guide the hoop in based on the top one. I've had so many problems trying to get this hoop in. I've tried, no joke, 4 times. The last time it swelled so much I couldn't get anything through. But I really like this one and its surgical steel. It seems my nose doesn't like titanium.